Our Educators

Meet our team of incredibly experienced dermal educators, including several with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and prestigious awards such as the My Face My Body Award and ABIA.

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Heather Vounnou, Global Education Program Innovator

Heather is a highly experienced and qualified dermal educator with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is a regular speaker at industry events and has won numerous awards for her work in education and innovation. Heather's expertise lies in skin histology, paramedical treatments, and device technology. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others, and has developed a reputation for delivering engaging and impactful learning experiences.
Her work has been recognised with numerous awards, including the 2017 & 2022 Platinum LearnX Award for best-blended learning model, the prestigious "My Face My Body Award" for Best Training Program 2017, and the 2022 ABIA Educator of the year.


Elise Dermal Educator Manager

Elise Andrews, National Education Manager 

Elise Andrews, National Education Manager at The Global Beauty Group, transitioned from beauty therapy to dermal therapies, driven by a passion for skin science. Her desire to empower therapists and business owners led her to become a Dermal Educator, filling the void in device use knowledge and support she once experienced. Elise is dedicated to ensuring clients' success, appreciating her team's commitment to every step of the client's journey, from inquiry to clinical and technical support.


Sarah Dermal Educator

Sarah Gutowski , Dermal Educator VIC

Sarah, an award-nominated Dermal Educator, began her career in beauty therapy in 2011. She gained hands-on experience with The Global Beauty Group's devices and appreciated the transformation they could bring to clients. Her passion for advanced skin treatments led her to establish her own clinical practice.

Sarah now relishes sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm as an educator at The Global Beauty Group. She is passionate about empowering others in the industry and is grateful for the opportunity to pursue her passion for learning and knowledge sharing in the ever-evolving beauty industry.


Bri Hope, Dermal Educator NSW

Bri Hope, a Dermal Educator in New South Wales, initiated her career after obtaining a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. She transitioned from a Beauty Therapist role in a Day Spa to an in-house training position. Subsequently, her journey led her to become a Skin Therapist in a cosmedical clinic, fueling her passion for advanced aesthetic treatments and diverse business styles. With extensive experience in various machines and treatments, she emphasizes her enthusiasm for skin biology & anatomy, product chemistry, and making the scientific principles underlying treatments easy to understand.

As an educator, Bri's primary aim is to empower students with knowledge, believing it to be the key to treating clients with confidence and achieving exceptional results, client satisfaction, and commercial success. She finds her role as a Dermal Educator to be her dream job and underscores the importance of effective communication in both training and the industry.


Monique Poulson, Dermal Educator WA

Monique Poulson, a Dermal Educator in Western Australia, embarked on her journey after completing her Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2016. Her career has been marked by working in cosmetic clinics, providing treatments with a wide array of medical-grade devices. Monique firmly believes that knowledge is the cornerstone of healthy skin and prioritises educating clients. At The Global Beauty Group, education is a core value, and Monique is grateful to be part of a passionate team of Dermal Educators dedicated to training and assisting clients. She emphasizes the importance of confidence and knowledge in achieving optimal skin health.


Emma Corrie, Dermal Educator VIC

Emma Corrie, a Dermal Educator in Victoria, embarked on her journey in the beauty industry after completing her Diploma in Beauty Therapy in 2014. Her diverse experience ranged from Day Spas to retail, eventually leading her to a realization: her true passion lay in working with medical-grade machinery and dermal science. Noting a gap in industry education, she transitioned to training and education, starting in a prominent Melbourne clinic, where she managed and trained staff. She seized the opportunity to join The Global Beauty Group as a full-time educator. Emma is dedicated to keeping industry professionals well-informed in an ever-evolving field and relishes the chance to share her knowledge while continuing to enhance her own skills.


Brittany Jane Tosich, Dermal Educator NSW

Brittany Jane Tosich, a Dermal Educator in New South Wales, embarked on her journey after completing a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Her fascination with medical-grade cosmetic devices led her to work with a Cosmetic Physician, where she gained extensive experience with lasers, skin needling, diathermy, and more. This experience motivated her to delve deeper into dermal technologies and science, pursuing a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Sciences. Now, in her role at The Global Beauty Group, she shares her knowledge and practical skills with clients, empowering them to confidently use cutting-edge devices and providing valuable clinical support.

Cherie Charalambous, GBG Dermal Educator NSW

Cherie Charalambous, a Dermal Educator in New South Wales has been in the beauty industry since 1997, discovered a passion for skin anatomy, physiology, and the intricacies of skin conditions. Her career in Medical Aesthetics involved collaboration with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, specializing in Vascular, Acne, wound care, scar management, and infection control. As a qualified Trainer, Assessor, and Facilitator with 15 years of educational experience, Cherie emphasizes the importance of never hesitating to ask questions and the transformative power of education in captivating and achieving success. Currently completing a Bachelor of Nursing, Cherie looks forward to her students' learning journey in class.