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The bt-smartmask is a 3 layer, reusable, washable, and adjustable protective face cover. The outer and inner layers are a light and breathable cotton / poly blend and the cotton middle layer is embedded with a Silver Ion mesh. Designed for durability, the robust bt-smartmask is made of high quality materials and is effective for up to 50 washes. Used in conjunction with the bt-shield protective face shield, the bt-smartmask provides an extra layer of protection for the user and is an essential component of the bt-protect skincare.

bt-smartmask should be stored carefully with the outside corners folded together.
Replace after 50 uses.

Extend the ear loops from mask
Place mask over the mouth and nose and pull ear loops over ears. The strip beneath the fabric should be against the bridge of the nose
Tighten ear loops by adjusting rubber adjustment ring
Press gently to close any gaps between mask and face
Discontinue use if any discomfort is present

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How to Wash:
Wash by hand with mild detergent and cool water
Hang dry only
Do not dry clean
If machine washed, place in mesh garment bag on gentle cycle with cool water. Hang dry. Alternatively, wash in a garment bag on gentle cycle with hot water up to 60° Celsius / 140° Fahrenheit.
Wash daily, or after 8 hours of daily use

Outer layer: 70% polyester, 24% cotton, 6% Polyester
Middle layer: 100% cotton, Silver Ion embedded mesh
Inner layer: 70% polyester, 24% cotton, 6% Polyester
Nose Bridge: 100% polyethylene
Weight: 14.6g

Disclosure: The bt-smartmask is not intended in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.